Tony and the Beetles

Written by:
Philip K. Dick
Narrated by:
Chris Lutkin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2017
12 hours 36 minutes
In Tony and the Beetles, ten-year old Tony Rossi, an Earthman growing up on Betelgeuse, becomes aware that the natives, known as the Pas-Udeti, are driving out the Earthmen colonists on nearby Orion. His father, a staunch believer in the superiority of Earthmen, describes Tony's native friends as Beetles. A trip into town to meet his native friends leads to awkward encounters with a Pas-Udeti cab driver and a fellow bus passenger. When his newly aggressive Pas-Udeti friends rebuke him, Tony realizes that being born in a place doesn't necessarily mean you are welcome there.
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