Treasure Island

Narrated by:
Michael Prichard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2008
7 hours 30 minutes
Young Jim Hawkins lives a quiet life as the son of an innkeeper. This all changes when an ancient sailor takes up lodging at the inn. Jim is both horrified and fascinated by the captain's bloody stories. But when the old man dies without paying his bill, Jim must search the sailor's one possession, a large sea chest, for payment. In doing so, he unknowingly pockets an old map from the chest. But Jim is not the only one interested in the sea chest, and he has to flee when a group of cutthroats shows up to ransack the few possessions of the old sailor.

The family doctor recognizes the map as the key to a fortune, which commences a Caribbean treasure hunt. With the pirates only steps behind, Jim races to reach Treasure Island. Seventeen set sail, but how many will return? Complete with peg-legs, parrots, pieces-of-eight, and the original Long John Silver, this novel launched Stevenson on his long and fascinating writing career and marked the beginning of the pirate genre.
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Very enjoyable listen. It's an exciting classic that stands the test of time (I first read it 50 years ago). The narrator had a flair for adventure!

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What a great read and we’ll worth the time

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Great, old tale…a little slow to start, but well worth getting to all of the action and intrigue!

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Catherine G.

I am in my 60’s and the last time I read this book was in my youth. I forgot most of what I read 40 years ago. The narration was excellent and the story captured my interest and imagination. I downloaded kidnapped so I could list to another book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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I've known movie versions of Treasure Island but the classic is a classic for a reason. I look forward to my son's reading it when they are older. The narrator did a fabulous job!

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Klaren A.

A classic - excellent narrator.

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Colten P.

Was a really good book until the audio broke on me

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Had heard of this classic but never ventured to read it. The audio is my way to experience it.

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Devil Dog

The book was well written and narrated I highly enjoyed this book

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Crompton B.

Turned to Robert Louis Stevenson for a breath mint break from all that military history and was not disappointed. Great narration brought oft-visited classic to life once again and a great respite from Stalingrad and the South Pacific! Planning a repeat for Kidnapped as well...

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Chris Guyer

A wonderful book that is worthy of a listen!

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David J.

A classic work of fiction that took me back to when I was a kid dreaming of fighting pirates and sailing to find treasure. It's been a while since a story has given me that thrill of unbridled adventure. I feel like this is a story you could read to your kids and still enjoy it immensely yourself. The characters are interesting and engaging, although Silver obviously steals the spotlight. The dialogue is a little dated, but thats to be expected from a work as old as this, and the narrator plays into it fantastically. Absolutely no complains from the narrator and the reading. he did a fantastic job in portraying the characters.

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Craig H.

First time read of this classic and I see why it is a classic. An easy read (listen) for many ages. The narrator was pretty good, not the best, but good.

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Osman Raidhan

What a fun adventure! Didn't understand much of the pirate talk but thats part of the experience I guess haha!

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Good read. I’ve always heard about Long John Silver, but never knew what story he was a part of.Narration was very good and since I lived on a tropical island for two years, I could picture in my mind what Treasure Island could have looked like.

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James R.

Shiver me timbers! There's a good reason why this seafaring yarn has become a classic. It's exotic locales and engaging characters keep readers and listeners constantly amused.

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Mark W.

A must for the library

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Michael Hermelijn

truely a classic tale. tho by now its been told and adapated to death it gripped and ammused me still. the narrator is a bit stiff but clear and easy to understand. above all he us consistant

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Stephan Lindkvist

A timeless classic. As good now as it was twenty years ago when I last read it. And I tip my hat to the narrator. Prichard really did manage to give everyone a perfect voice, especially the pirates!

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This is a timeless classic; known and loved by so many people. I have to admit; this was the first time I have read this novel and I’m 36! The book was not at all what I thought

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Ed Griffin

Awesome loved it

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Sarah B.

It's a classic tale that writes stereotypes for generations after it. Very well presented.

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