Treasure of the Abyss

Written by:
Tiffany Roberts
Narrated by:
Ryan Turner , Hollie Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
10 hours 13 minutes

Despite her longing for the sea, Macy has clung to the safety of land for half her life, devoting herself to her daily routine-until she agrees to go sailing with a childhood friend. Her fears come to fruition when a sudden storm capsizes their boat, rekindling her old terror. She awakens to a rescuer who is anything but human-and he refuses to let her go. Treated like a curiosity and a possession, she's desperate to go home. Yet Macy is undeniably drawn to this strange creature. Can she give up her old life, her family and friends, to embrace this adventure . . . and Jax?


Jax the Wanderer is a hunter, an explorer, and an oddity among his kind. While other kraken are content near their dens, Jax is driven by a deep need to journey far and wide, discovering the unknown corners of the sea. Macy challenges everything he's known; she is the most alluring creature he's ever seen on his travels. He must possess her, though he knows it can only end in disaster. How much is he willing to forsake for the female he desires?

Contains mature themes.
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I absolutely loved this book and enjoyed every second of it from beggining to end. The story line and the narrators flowed well. It is enough to quench the thrist of people seeking a little steam with their books. *wink wink*

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Was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this book due to the whole inter-species thing but hey if you can fall in love with undead vampire and shifting werewolves you’ll love this

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Christy S.

I was actually a little bit afraid to try this one out at first because of the inter-species being so different, but it actually turned out to be a very good story. I became very engrossed in listening to it and I couldn’t turn away. I hope that they release more audio books in the future. Definitely one of the better stories that I have heard on here after not knowing much about it.

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Jenna C.

Great depth and back story! I loved it. Didn’t make inter-species dating seem weird at all.

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Actually so, so good. Interesting plot and world building that I don’t usually expect in romance novels.

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Patricia B.

The great book I have listened to so far.

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Mihaela D

Loved the book love the narrators. Well done

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Jessica M.

IPB… but make it water! The narrators were amazing and I found myself so invested! I want more!

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I loved the story line and characters were likable and not annoying.

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fantastic plot. Tiffany Roberts does an amazing job of weaving a worthwhile well written romance that is has a deeper meaning of acceptance, change, and differences better than any writer duo - consistently. I am a better human so to speak after reading their tales. #1 issue. only 2 yes 2 audiobooks. The narrators is perfect as their writing. as a busy on the go individual, listening to their stories and far more entertaining than the majority of what is on TV ... so. if you both read this ..... please consider audiobooks again. I listen to Dustwalker again and again. I read your books as well but enjoy listening to them even though I have read them. your books are fantasy but timeless.

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this book was awesome I love the story. it works for me I like it I really hope the author does make another book .

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Theodora Soh

I was hesitant to buy in to this story at first. It was my first non-humanoid romance. But by the end of this book, I was so invested in the world that I immediately read all the other books in this series. They're all available on Kindle Unlimited! Really love this series and all of Tiffany Roberts' books! Their world-building is always great and they really make sure they develop their characters well. Such a pity that their audiobooks are not making enough money to be worth the investment. If you want more audiobooks from them, please share! Hopefully one day they can make more.

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Maureen Thomas

it was ok, light fun

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SOO good. I can't wait for the next book!

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