Trust: Series 1-3: A BBC Radio Full-Cast Comedy Drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
5 hours 50 minutes
A light-hearted drama series about an inner-city academy school in Salford, starring Julie Hesmondhalgh

Yvette Miller is acting head of a Salford secondary school that has just joined Quays Academy Trust, a successful group of academies headed by the charismatic Sir Ken - a keen advocate of freeing schools from the shackles of Local Education oversight. Yvette, meanwhile, is somewhat more sceptical. How will she - and East Salford Academy - fit within the new regime?

As the school, students, and staff, deal with contemporary events, from budgeting difficulties and school branding to Covid-19 lockdowns, catch-up initiatives and staff restructuring, Yvette must keep an even head as she steers the school through new and choppy waters. How do you vaccinate an entire body of students (and staff)? What does it take to keep the teaching union rep happy? And exactly how much hand sanitiser can one school need?

With Julie Hesmondhalgh (Coronation Street, Happy Valley) and Jonathan Keeble (War and Peace, Confessions of a Medium), this witty, insightful drama offers a playful view into modern schooling and all its attendant commotions.

Written by Jonathan Hall
Directed and produced by Gary Brown

Yvette - Julie Hesmondhalgh
Sir Ken / Eugene - Jonathan Keeble
Andy - Rupert Hill
Tim - Ashley Margolis
Joy / Tannoy / Carol - Susan Twist
Sidrah - Purvi Parmar
Emily - Molly Ehrenberg-Peters
Dhruti - Mina Anwar
Terry - Sushil Chudasama
Marigold / Candice / Wendy - Verity Henry
Moey / Mr Ayhan - Abdullah Afzal
Chris - Jake Ferretti
Nicki - Erin Shanagher
Ryan - Daniel Luke Jeffrey
Dave - Lloyd Peters
Billy - Jason Done
Gunner - James Quinn
Students - Thomas Roberts, Royia Tierney, Iestyn Sofield, Rheanon Shaw, Lauren Taylor

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the following dates:
7 September - 9 September 2020 (Series 1)
28 September - 29 September 2021 (Series 2)
8 August - 10 August 2022 (Series 3)

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