Twisted Emotions

Twisted Emotions

Written by:
Cora Reilly
Narrated by:
Emma Wilder , Teddy Hamilton
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
11 hours 28 minutes
Nino Falcone is genius and monster. As the right hand man and brother of the Capo of the Camorra, his lack of feelings is a blessing, not a curse – until his brother asks him to marry for the sake of the Camorra. 

Kiara Vitiello, cousin of the Capo of the New York Famiglia, is chosen to marry Nino Falcone to prevent war with the Camorra, but what she hears about Las Vegas makes her veins pulse with terror. After her father betrayed his Capo and paid with his life, her family thinks marriage is her only chance to bring honor to her name; but only Kiara knows she’s a faulty prize given in return for peace. 

A man incapable of emotions and a woman scarred by the past – an arranged marriage with the potential to unite, or destroy…
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April C.

This book can definitly be a trigger for some women, so beware before purchasing. With that aside, I loved this book and I love this series. I was so happy that Nino was able to help Kiara with her past trauma. I was so engrosed in Ninos story and the twist at the end was so good. I cant wait to read/hear the rest of the Camorra Chronicles.

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great story and narration

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Gayle D.

OMG...Nino Fallon is my favorite brother. I read his story twice. Continuing storyline with past characters integrated into this story. Loved it, loved the male narrator.

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Wendy R.

Love the entire series but this book was my favorite. Highly recommend this series.

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natasha aitchison

Would really recommend this series to anyone who loves mafia books

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Naseema B.

This series is my favorite. I love this book when I read it few years ago and now to hear it come alive was amazing. I loved the voices and glad it was exactly like I imagined and maybe more. Cora Reilly tell us the best mafia romance ever. Nino and Kiara is the perfect couple. Can't wait to hear Twisted Bond to continue with they storyline.

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