Uncharted Territory: A Novel

Written by:
Connie Willis
Narrated by:
Chelsea Stephens

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
3 hours 55 minutes
'Connie Willis deploys the apparatus of science fiction to illuminate character and relationships, and her writing is fresh, subtle, and deeply moving.'-The New York Times Book Review

Findriddy and Carson are two explorers sent to Boohte to survey the ridges and scrub-covered hills of the planet. Back home, their adventures are followed by countless breathless fans, but the reality is far less romantic as they deal with dust, nitpicking regulations, and uncooperative aliens. Teamed with a young intern whose specialty is mating customs, and a native guide of indeterminate gender, the group sets out for a previously unexplored sector of the planet. As they survey canyons and cataracts, battle dangers, and discover alien treasures, they will soon find themselves in alien territory of another kind: exploring the paths and precipices of sex. And love.
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Lee M.

Short story Narrator is hard to understand, takes way too long to introduce and explain characters. The story itself is severely flawed.

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Way too technical for me

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