The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell: A Novel

Written by:
Kelly Flanagan
Narrated by:
Mike Lenz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
8 hours 55 minutes
Elijah Campbell is on the verge of losing his writing career, his faith, and his marriage when a recurring childhood nightmare drives him back to his hometown, Bradford's Ferry. There, his encounters with loved ones both past and present shed light on the reason his wife left him-and the meaning of his nightmare. However, beyond the light he begins to glimpse something even more terrifying-a decision he must make either to continue hiding the secrets of his past or unhide the only thing that can save his marriage: himself.

In psychologist Kelly Flanagan's nonfiction works (Loveable, True Companions), he drew from clinical insight to explore the spiritual depths of identity and relationships. Now, in this debut novel, he weaves a compelling and plot-twisting tale that brings new life to those insights, along with fresh revelations about personal growth, spiritual transformation, and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.
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