The Untamed

Written by:
Max Brand
Narrated by:
Richard Kilmer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
7 hours 31 minutes
Whistlin' Dan Berry is one of the most interesting characters in Western fiction. With uncanny abilities he controls a wild stallion, appropriately named Satan, and a ferocious wolf dog, Black Bart. Easy going, Berry proves absolutely unforgiving when physically assaulted by a feared, vicious outlaw, Jim Silent. Seemingly without any emotions, Whistlin' Dan is relentless in his vengeful search for Silent and his outlaw gang.
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Peggy P.

Very easy to listen to.

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Hannah Wright

Good book, made better by a great narrator! The writer make a beautiful picture with word, and characters that make you want to know more.

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good story but the narrator was terrible,no expression

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I really enjoyed the story, and the narration was consistent with the era and genre of the book. His voice was so soothing to listen to.

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Caleb T.

I really enjoyed it. My first audiobook ever. It will, however, not be my last.

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Good storyline. It may have had a higher rating if the reader was not so flat.

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A. Longa

Great story based a complex and interesting character. The development and experiences he has is worth a listen. The solo narrator from LibriVox is a fantastic job all around.

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Great story, horrible narrator. Monotone, many mistakes and stutters. Couldn't finish an otherwise great story.

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Cyn K.

I was in the mood for a western and this fit the bill. I enjoyed the story and as this was my first read by Max Brand I became an instant fan. The narrator seemed a bit slow and plodding at first but I quickly got used to his style and came to really appreciate the way his reading style seemed to reflect the spirit of the story. Brand is a stellar writer, and one real joy of this book is the sheer beauty of the language.

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Very good book. Excellent narration.

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Jeannine L.

I didn’t think I would like western novels but they are interesting. Really liked the narrator

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