Violet's Story: Creepy Hollow Books 1-3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
27 hours 32 minutes
She's fae. He's human. He should never have followed her into the magic realm . . .

Violet has one job: protect humans from dangerous magical creatures. It's a job she's good at-until the cute human guy whose life she just saved follows her into the fae world.

Now she's broken faerie law, risking her future at the Guild of Guardians. She needs to get Nate home and make him forget everything he's discovered.

If only someone wasn't intent on hunting him down.

Vi and Nate are pulled into the darker side of the fae world, where deadly magic and long-forgotten secrets exist.

Vi might be one of the best, but can she get them out alive?
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