Vital Blindside

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
7 hours 51 minutes
Adam is many things, but a single dad was one that he never planned on becoming. He was twenty-three when the plan he had for his life crumbled at his feet. He went from a playboy getting his new business up and off the ground, to a struggling father of a two-year-old boy.

Still, he did it. Adam accomplished what he thought was impossible. And now, at thirty-three, he doesn't think that his life can get any better. His son is his world, and his business is one of the most known hockey training facilities in Vancouver. But when he posts a job listing for a new hockey trainer, he gets a response that lights a flame inside of him.

One terrible game was all it took for Scarlett to lose everything. After a career-ending injury destroys her chances of ever playing professional hockey again, she finds herself lost. Moving back to Vancouver was never in the playbook, but neither was letting herself get tricked into taking a job working for a man who seems to stop at nothing to see her play the sport again.

Scarlett wants to forget about the world that broke her, but the single dad refuses to let her move on. The more time she spends with Adam, the harder she's finding it to resist him.
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