A Way With Words III: Grammar

Written by:
Michael Drout
Narrated by:
Michael Drout

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2008
8 hours 0 minutes
The answer to this all depends on-you guessed it-grammar. In the third part of his extraordinary Way with Words series, Professor Drout continues to explore humanity's intimate association with language, here delving into the finer points of English grammar. Since others judge you by the way you speak, the intricacies of grammar, in fact, should not be relegated to the realm of fussy 'guardians of the language,' but are rather essential clues all can employ to communicate more exactly. In such a light, this course forms an invaluable guide for everyone from all fields of interest.
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Sheri H.

This an outstanding course. Professor Drout is funny, brilliant, and very personable. This is no dry account of grammar rules. He explains, why and how the English language is as fascinating and complex as it is, but he also explains the function of grammatical structures and their practical application to achieve clear communication. All secondary English teachers need to take this course.

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Started with his 3rd course. Riveted throughout! (I CAN use a dangling preposition because Prof. Drout said it was okay!) I’ve taken english classes in college that have put me to sleep. Professor Drout exudes great enthusiasm. Really enjoyed his sense of humor. Can’t wait to explore another grammar season with him!

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Very good contents. Listened before going asleep every night for several days. Had to admit that I missed some contents. Definitely worth revisiting.

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