The Wedding Guest: An Alex Delaware Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
12 hours 21 minutes
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Psychologist Alex Delaware and detective Milo Sturgis unravel a shocking crime at a raucous wedding reception in this gripping psychological thriller from the bestselling master of suspense.

“Jonathan Kellerman’s psychology skills and dark imagination are a potent literary mix.”—Los Angeles Times

LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis is a fine homicide detective, but when he needs to get into the mind of a killer, he leans on the expertise of his best friend, the brilliant psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware. While Sturgis has a knack for piecing together the details of a crime, Delaware can decipher the darkest intents driving the most vicious of perpetrators. And there’s no better place for the doctor’s analytical skills to shine than a rowdy hall full of young men and women intoxicated on life and lust . . . and suddenly faced with the specter of death.

Summoned to a run-down former strip joint, Delaware and Sturgis find themselves crashing a wild Saints and Sinners–themed wedding reception. But they’re not the only uninvited guests. A horrified bridesmaid has discovered the body of a young woman, dressed to impress in pricey haute couture and accessorized with a grisly red slash around her neck. What’s missing is any means of identification, or a single partygoer who recognizes the victim. The baffled bride is convinced the stranger snuck in to sabotage her big day—and the groom is sure it’s all a dreadful mistake. But Delaware and Sturgis have a hundred guests to question, and a sneaking suspicion that the motive for murder is personal. Now they must separate the sinners from the saints, the true from the false, and the secrets from those keeping them. The party’s over—and the hunt for whoever killed it is on.

“As usual, [Delaware and Sturgis] form a formidable team. Also as usual, the characters here are varied and described with gritty clarity, and the puzzle facing the duo involves a delightful mix of L.A. culture, this time from its dive bars to its much more serious side.”—Booklist
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JoAnn E.

It got kind of convoluted for awhile but I liked it.

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Horrible. Boring af.

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Lisa S.

I have read All of this series and this has been, by far, the most let down. It was slow and I was not even intrigued. It barely kept my attention. The Narrator was not that interesting as well. He really struggled to not have all the main characters sound the same. I may be done with this Author and Series.

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Suzanne T.

I have listened or read most of this series and I have to say this one was a major let down. I’m trying to figure out why J. Kellerman felt the need to have Milo say the Lord’s name in vein, not once but many times. And one time is too many. Really wish I could get a refund on this book because I couldn’t finish it I was so disgusted!! So needless to say I’m done with this series and this writer.

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