The Wedding Hoax

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
6 hours 19 minutes
First rule of a marriage of convenience? Don’t get knocked up. When I tell off my new boss after he cuts in line, I think he’s about to fire me. Instead, CEO Harry O’Donnell proposes. He wants me to marry him and move in for six months. See, Harry needs a wife to inherit his family business. I need a windfall to pay for my mom’s medical bills. How hard could playing wifey be? Answer? Very. From Harry’s touching vows at our sham wedding to the sly glances he sneaks when he thinks I’m not looking, one thing's clear: our no funny business agreement won’t last long. Neither will the ten-foot wall I built around my heart. Now, against all odds, I’m pregnant. And I want Harry to love me—and our baby—for real. Rule number two? Never ever fall for your temporary husband.
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