What You Wish For

Written by:
Fern Michaels
Narrated by:
Barbara Rosenblat

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2017
12 hours 16 minutes
Everything she lost: If her abusive husband hadn't tried to kill her and her beloved dog Lucie, Helen Ward might never have left her million-dollar home and run far away. Now Helen's changed her identity and moved across the country, hopeful that she can be safe, happy, maybe even loved. And when she meets college professor Sam Tolliver, she begins to believe fairytales do come true. Gave her everything she ever wanted: But even with love blossoming and her new online business venture taking off, Helen knows that the past is catching up with her...and her fear is growing. Wanting to flee, desperate to get away for good, she'll soon face the biggest decision of her life, a decision that will determine her future and her very identity.
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I love the stories this author comes up with. I really like the details that create a good visuals and the story goes on.

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