The Wheel of Darkness

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2007
12 hours 55 minutes
A luxury ocean liner on its maiden voyage across the North Atlantic, awash in wealth and decadence...

An ancient Tibetan box, its contents unknown, sealed with a terrifying warning...

An FBI agent destined to confront what he fears most--himself...
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Allen DeBoer

The narrator did not get the voice of the main character right. In previous books I really enjoyed hearing the southern charm of the main character.

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Preposterous. Get off your soapbox and stick to storytelling. Utterly stupid ending. Narrator needs to listen to previous books and get the accent right for Pendergast.

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Diane M

I gave this review two stars because I liked the narrator. However, I found this story silly and tiresome, especially the last two discs. I've always enjoyed the Pendergast stories, but this one was just too bizarre.

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Heather Payne

I felt the story was hokey and a bit slow in the beginning. Agent Pendergast was lacking in his savvy and clever ways that I enjoy most. Pendergast's spiritual journey by meditating with Constantine ruined it for me. I did enjoy that the mystery was on a cruise ship and the narrator was very good.

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The Wheel of Darkness was a thrilling ride! I would sit in the driveway and listen to it for 20 minutes when I came home. I thought the concept was inventive.

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Angie Teal

The Pendergast series are among my favorite detective series. I loved the book and especially the narrator, Rene Auberjonois has a great voice and does both female and male voices as well as accents extremely well. However this was the abridged version and I felt some of the complexity of the characters was lost. I will definitely look for the unabridged book. I really hope there will be a sequel to the book, even so the ending seemed to indicate differently.

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