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Where the Heart Leads

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2009
12 hours 0 minutes
In this sequel to Kim Vogel Sawyer's ACF Book of the Year Waiting for Summer's Return, a man wrestles with profound, life-changing decisions in 1904. With a college diploma safely in hand, 20-year-old Thomas Ollenburger is torn between his Mennonite roots on the Kansas prairie and his affluent life in Boston society-and by romantic entanglements in each world. And now even Heaven seems deaf to questions about his choices of vocation, wife, and home.
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Alissa Holmes

I was really glad to see Thomas end up with his someone special and glad to see her heart made tinder. But what really was special was when Melinda‘s heart was made whole and she found a meaning in life after the storms of life had made her Kalliste Good to see Belinda find her someone special in life as well. Great book.

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