Where to Draw the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day

Written by:
Anne Katherine Ma
Narrated by:
Donna Postel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
8 hours 5 minutes
In the perennial favorite Boundaries, Anne Katherine introduced the concept and importance of personal limits. In Where to Draw the Line, she takes the next step with a practical guide to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in a wide range of situations.

With every encounter, we either demonstrate that we'll protect what we value or that we'll give ourselves away. Healthy boundaries preserve our integrity. Unlike defenses, which isolate us from our true selves and from those we love, boundaries filter out harm.

This book provides the tools and insights needed to create boundaries, which will free time and energy for the things that matter-and helps break down limiting defenses that stunt personal growth. Focusing on every facet of daily life-from friendships and sexual relationships to dress and appearance to money, food, and psychotherapy-Katherine presents case studies highlighting the ways in which individuals violate their own boundaries or let other people breach them. Using real-life examples, from self-sacrificing mothers to obsessive neat freaks, she offers specific advice on making choices that balance one's own needs with the needs of others.
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Mirabelle M.

The first half of this book is very useful. It gives practical definitions, presents case studies and gives clear information on types of boundaries, and how could someone have a hard time setting some. I also appreciated the reflexion on interactions, particularly when the author analyzes conversations examples and exposed how they could have been enhanced. However, the second half of the book somehow leaps out of the subject. It becomes very opiniated and I couldn't easily relate to the theme of "boundaries".

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