The Wholistic Wellness: How Integrative Medicine Treats Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Written by:
Andrew Newberg
Narrated by:
Andrew Newberg

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
5 hours 59 minutes
Learn how integrative medicine can help you optimize your health with Andrew B. Newberg, M.D., research director at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.

Western medicine has tended to focus primarily on the biological dimension of health, treating our sicknesses with medication and therapeutic approaches centered in the body. But is biology all there is to wellness?

Integrative medicine says no, instead recognizing four dimensions as essential to our overall well-being: biological, social, psychological, and spiritual. Often, illness is related to factors that current medical approaches do not take fully into consideration. Factors such as stress, nutrition, sexuality, and exercise—which weave in and among the four dimensions—are critical to understand in relation to our health.

In this eye-opening 15-lecture audio series from leading neuroscientist Andrew B. Newberg, M.D., you’ll learn how integrative medicine combines ancient wisdom on the nature of the human body with the most recent developments in modern medicine to create an approach in which the whole person is considered.

Along the way, you’ll gain practical, evidence-based tools for becoming healthier and managing a variety of problems from obesity and high blood pressure to heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions. Whether you’re trying to manage a serious medical condition or simply improve your general health, you’ll find Dr. Newberg’s insights and recommendations invaluable.

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