Why Romeo Hates Juliet

Written by:
Anna Mara
Narrated by:
Hayden Bishop

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
16 hours 8 minutes
Revenge was never this much fun . . .

From the get go, the feuding beach neighbors are at war, especially when Romeo mistakes Juliet for the hot stripper his friends have ordered for the night. And then, when she gets the movie star arrested by mistake? Well, things go crazy nuclear! But when Juliet causes Romeo to lose his memory and he mistakenly believes she's his wife, she has to move in with the bad boy until he gets well. But does he really have amnesia? No, of course not! He's just faking it to get his revenge on the sexy troublemaker next door and make her his slave. She needs to pay for what she's done to him and pay big time. But can he really go through with his madcap plan, especially when she kisses like sweet heaven and feels so right in his arms?
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