Winter Chill

Written by:
Joanne Fluke
Narrated by:
Christopher Evan Welch

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2013
9 hours 5 minutes
The moment Marian Larsen sees the patrol car stop outside her house, she feels a shiver of foreboding. The news is even worse than she feared. Marian's husband and young daughter have been in a snowmobile crash. Dan is paralysed and Laura is dead, her body broken on the icy ground. Friends and colleagues in Marian's Minnesota hometown rally around to try and ease her grief. But soon there are more horrible accidents. Then the rumours start-these are not coincidences at all, and someone is picking off victims one by one. As winter deepens, the search for answers will reveal a killer whose blood runs colder than the blinding snow...
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Tonda Z.

The blurb I read of this book was very misleading. Aside from that, I hated the way everyone treated the mother of the dead girl. I really hated the way the husband whined about everything. And then he wrote a letter to the grieving woman pretending it was from her dead daughter. Talk about gaslighting! I would have given this book one star if not for the very last line of the book. The last line was worth a whole star.

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It’s a horror story told by a grief ridden parent, not my idea of entertainment.

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Excellent! So suspenseful it was hard to put down!

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Jocelyn M.

This is a very good read. I could not not listening...

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