You Will Want Me

You Will Want Me

Written by:
Ketley Allison
Narrated by:
Avie Paige , Connor Brown
Coming Soon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2024
9 hours 0 minutes
I never thought I'd see the boy who broke my heart again, especially the day after I poured hot coffee over his cocky grin and threw him in the trash.

I wish I'd scalded his actual face. Notorious bachelor Stone Williams shouldn't even qualify as an after-thought. Until he bursts into the childhood home he left behind-where I'm currently staying.

A decade is a long time to be away from someone you once thought you knew better than you knew yourself. I've given up my dreams to stay in our small town as a nurse, while he didn't just surpass his dreams-he exploded them into the atmosphere like fireworks.

Stone makes it clear he hasn't returned to rekindle our relationship and I couldn't agree more. He's here for his mother, a woman I care for, and she doesn't have much time before her illness takes over. When her dying wish is for Stone and me to help her, I can't say no.

But when our grudges turn into explosive lust, we begin losing sight of why we hate each other.

I've rewritten my dreams once to remove Stone Williams. He can't expect me to rewrite them again . . . until an unexpected tragedy forces us to rewrite our reality.

Contains mature themes.
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