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You’re My Beat: A Slow-Burn MM Rockstar Romance

You’re My Beat: A Slow-Burn MM Rockstar Romance

Written by:
Zarah Detand
Narrated by:
Joel Leslie
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
9 hours 36 minutes
True love isn’t always on pointe.

When Lucas Clarke's dance troupe loses its sponsor, the last person he expects to step in is Max Fina—best friend of Lucas’s big brother and Britain’s hottest export since Harry Styles. Also? The guy Lucas has been avoiding since a sideways kiss four years ago. 

Sizzling tension, a world tour, and heaps of messy emotions await in this smart and heartfelt slow-burn romance filled with British wit and charm. Will Lucas and Max stumble past misunderstandings and missed chances to finally win their hard-earned happily ever after? Read on if you like your love stories laced with humour, realism, and a generous dash of angst. 

Lucas Clarke, openly gay dancer, and Max Fina, rockstar with a party-boy past, used to be like family. But an ill-advised attempt by sixteen-year-old Lucas to kiss Max sent them scattering in different directions—Lucas to London's Royal Ballet School, and Max to stardom's dizzying heights.

Years later, their worlds collide in Brighton. Lucas, now dancing with a struggling contemporary troupe, is reluctantly pulled into Max's glitzy world tour. Their renewed connection sparkles with fast-paced dialogue and crackling tension. Old feelings resurface, but Lucas dates others, and Max grapples with his offstage identity. 

As they sway between attraction and misunderstanding, between lighthearted banter and painstaking growth, rumours ignite. Will a song and a leap of faith bridge the gap between them?

In this witty slow-burn MM romance, love's dance is realistically messy but exquisitely choreographed. Prepare for a fun, angsty journey with unforgettable characters growing, stumbling, and finally falling in step with each other.
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