David W. Cameron

David W. Cameron (Author)
David W. Cameron received his PhD in biological anthropology in 1995 at the Australian National University and is a former Australian Research Council QEII Fellow at the Department of Anatomy & Histology, University of Sydney. He has conducted fieldwork in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He is the author of several books on Australian military history and primate evolutionary biology and has published over 60 papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals. He lives in Canberra.

Ant Neate (Reader)
Ant Neate is a Melbourne based Actor & Voice Artist. He has a life long love of Shakespeare, Theatre and Performance.

Apart from the thousands of Voice Overs in the last 25 years along with teaching and directing, his screen credits include Love and Other Catastrophes, Chameleon, Secret Life of Us, Bad Eggs, Neighbours and Evil Never Dies.

His stage credits include Lady Chatterly's Lover, The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, Stagedoor, Life of Celand Life and death of Yorick the fool

Convict-era Port Arthur: Misery of the deepest dye
By David W. Cameron
Duration: 12 h 2 min Price: $24.99 Or 1 credit
The Battle for Isurava: Fighting in the clouds of the Owen Stanley 1942
By David W. Cameron
Duration: 14 h 56 min Price: $22.40 Or 1 credit