12 Miles Below III: Grand Design: A Progression Fantasy Epic

Written by:
Mark Arrows
Narrated by:
Scott Aiello

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
17 hours 18 minutes
Deep within the underground reaches, To'Wrathh wages her war against the Undersider city of Capra'Nor.

She has the city brought to its knees, a single death stroke away from victory, but in the same breath, she struggles with her own wavering loyalty. Haunted by the fate of her predecessors, who all turned against the Pale Lady—and nearly succeeded.

Time is her enemy. Her elder brother, To'Aacar, has set his plans in motion. The city must be taken, and her treasonous thoughts must be handled soon, or else.

Above, the surface is in chaos. The raider threat looms over all, and in their hour of need, their great Deathless, clan lord Atius, has been assassinated in a dark scheme.

Left without their leader, the people find themselves in panic, searching for any sign of stability. In this desperate hour, Keith faces a decision: stand with his clan or seek out his missing sister, the only family he has left.

Kidra is down there, but he has no idea what he might be stepping into …

Book three of a progression fantasy epic set around a pseudo-medieval society clinging to existence on frozen post-apocalyptic Earth. Impossible odds, weak to-strong progression, dungeon-delving, epic battles, scavenged tech, prophecy, magic, and mystery—12 Miles Below has something for everyone.
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