12 Miles Below: The Frozen Realm: A Progression Fantasy Epic

Written by:
Mark Arrows
Narrated by:
Scott Aiello

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
14 hours 30 minutes
The surface is frozen. The depths filled with monsters. Can anything survive?

Extreme sub-zero temperatures suffocate the surface. Frozen structures of bygone eras span across massive ice-wastes. And the survivors closely guard any technology rediscovered within them.

The only escape from the deadly climate is beneath the surface, but that doesn't mean it's safe …

Monstrous machines lurk in the depths. Unhinged demigods war against them, dying over and over, treating it all like a game. The depths themselves shift over time, more contraption than rock.

When an expedition into the far uncharted north goes terribly wrong, Keith Winterscar and his father get trapped together in a desperate fight for survival.

Stumbling upon an ancient war of titanic scale, the two will need to set their differences aside while they struggle against gods, legends, and the secrets of the realm that lies below.

Don't miss the start of this progression fantasy epic set around a pseudomedieval society clinging to existence on frozen post-apocalyptic Earth. Impossible odds, weak-to-strong progression, epic battles, scavenged tech, prophecy, magic, and mystery—12 Miles Below has something for everyone.
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