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The 13th Paladin Boxed Set: Books 1-3

Written by:
Torsten Weitze
Narrated by:
Gildart Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
43 hours 57 minutes
Ahren: Ahren's life consists of being beaten up by his drunkard father or bullied by the village lads. But at the annual suitability tests for apprenticeships, the young boy finds himself selected by Falk, the guardian of the forest, to be his apprentice and his world is turned upside down.

From his new master he learns the skills of archery and how to fight the Dark Ones. And then, on the day of the Spring Ceremony there is another unexpected turn of events. He touches the Stone of the Gods and it illuminates for the first time ever. It isn't long before a cantankerous wizard turns up and urges Falk and Ahren into action.

The Naming: Two Einhans have been found but the third is still at large. Time is of the essence. Ahren's Appointment as the 13th Paladin-assisted by the three Einhans-must occur by the winter solstice. If not, He, Who Forces will awaken before his time and plunge the unprepared peoples of Jorath into the depths of darkness.

The Brazen City: The saga of the 13th Paladin continues. Join him and his friends on their adventures in the Sunplains and enjoy meeting his old friends in Deepstone again.

Note: This audiobook includes Books 1-3 in the 13th Paladin series.
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Jordan D.

This box set is a good primer for the series by book 3 you see the development of the characters and the have a finger on the weight of the story. It is written well and feels fleshed out. The narrator is a little "breathy" and all of his voices feel onerous but doesn't impede the story. Over all pretty good.

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