The Alcohol Experiment: Expanded Edition: A 30-Day, Alcohol-Free Challenge To Interrupt Your Habits and Help You Take Control

Written by:
Annie Grace
Narrated by:
Annie Grace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2018
8 hours 29 minutes
Now complete with daily prompts to reflect on each day of a month-long, alcohol-free plan, the author of This Naked Mind helps readers challenge their thinking, find clarity, and form new habits.

Changing your habits can be hard without the right tools. This is especially true for alcohol because habits are, by definition, subconscious thought processes. Through her methodical research of the latest neuroscience and her own journey, Annie Grace has cracked the code on habit change by addressing the specific ways habits form. This unique and unprecedented method has now helped thousands redefine their relationship to drinking painlessly and without misery.

In The Alcohol Experiment, Annie offers a judgment-free action plan for anyone who's ever wondered what life without alcohol is like. The rules are simple: Abstain from drinking for 30 days and just see how you feel. Annie arms her readers with the science-backed information to address the cultural and emotional conditioning we experience around alcohol. The result is a mindful approach that puts you back in control and permanently stops cravings.

With a chapter and journal prompt devoted to each day of the experiment, Annie presents wisdom, tested strategies, and thought-provoking information to supplement the plan and support your step-by-step success as you learn what feels good for you. It's your body, your mind, and your choice.
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Tina D.

I started reading this after one too many drunken (weekend)nights and decided it was time to …dry out! I am a moderate drinker but since I am knocking on 50, I am more prone to a hangover now. SMH. I followed along with the book, journaling and reflecting. I made it through about 6 weeks of soberness. I am a wine drinker and occasionally i over do it but this book really opened my eyes to certain behaviors and habits. I committed to being better!

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Paige D.

I’m excited to start

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Caprice M.

I needed this book. I learned so much about alcohol and what it does to your mind, body and soul. This is worth it even if you don’t think you need it.

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Melissa B.

Loved everything about this book. I completely connected. Thank you !

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