Alliance Armada

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
7 hours 56 minutes
After fending off the Adjudicator attack, the Alliance learns that the enemy is preparing a final, exterminating push against the human systems and their allies, the Hroom Empire. To buy time while building their forces, the allies send Captain Jess Tolvern and her sometimes rival, the former pirate Catarina Vargus, in command of a fleet to raid and reconnoiter the aliens' own home worlds.

They cross the inner frontier into systems torn by novas and black holes to find the aliens, who have hidden themselves in a previously undiscovered system, where they are awakening an ancient machine with the capability of devouring entire starships.
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John B.

Lots of time spent describing ships blowing up other space ships. Not normally my kind of thing but this book kept me listening. The galactic situation was more interesting space badly explored, full of unknowns and dangers

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ok but not the best read

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John A.

Good book just a little hard to follow at first

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David F.

Great naration and character voicing. Story and theme very repeating and continuous battle d3scriptionzls. Then, intoduction of a mystical creature was most disappointing.

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