The Alpha Enigma

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
16 hours 36 minutes
A thrilling new science fiction mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of the Donovan novels

Dr. Timothy Ryan, head of the military psychiatric unit at Grantham Barracks, is meeting a new patient, a woman known as “Prisoner Alpha.” As she is being transferred, they are attacked by
assassins, barely escaping with their lives. One shooter vanishes, leaving behind a dead companion unlike anyone Ryan has ever seen.

But even more baffling is the puzzle of Alpha herself. She speaks in a strange tongue, and doodles in bars, dots, and little pictures like nothing Ryan has ever seen. Is she some sort of savant, or the most
cunning spy he’s ever met?

Meanwhile, in Egypt, archaeologist Reid Farmer uncovers an 18th-Dynasty tomb that shouldn’t exist, filled with Mayan epigraphy, mathematics, and materials that didn’t exist 3,000 years
ago. As a result of this discovery, Reid and forensic anthropologist Kilgore France—along with the sarcophagus they have found—are snatched away to a hidden lab to solve the enigma of a man lost in time.

As dark forces gather, Alpha makes an impossible escape from Grantham. Ryan quickly becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance, but with a team of unique allies, sets out to prove
his innocence. Together, they must find Alpha and save Ryan before it is too late.
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Greg L.

Surprisingly good book. I got it on a whim and was greatly surprised. And can't wait for the conclusion

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This book was about as surprising as they come!! A sci-fi gem that is absolutely 100% believable! There are so many interesting storylines and characters woven together, throughout it’s entirety. I am definitely counting the days for the second book to release!! Go ahead and send me an advance reader’s copy…..I won’t mind.

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Quite a good book but took a while to get going

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I liked it! Narrators were great. The book was an action movie in an audio book. It wasn't overly deep, but it was entertaining with good character development, action, and some good actual science and anthropology knowledge. It's set up nicely for sequels (if they don't already exist) and I'd listen.

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Thalia G.

Too many characters to follow, also the author referred to the characters by their first name, last name, and/or ranking so it made it extremely difficult to identify whom the author was talking about. The combo of story narrators seems to have no pattern and felt random. Only reason I stuck with the book was the sparse reference to the Egyptian story. Really missed the mark for me. Would not buy another title from the author.

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Kristen N.

Entertaining book with great characters and an intriguing storyline. I would recommend reading a hard book on this one. The narrator is so annoying. She over enunciated every word, missed timing cues in the humor, and mispronounced the medical and anatomical terms. There are great narrators out there. Don’t understand why they’d use her.

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Ginger S.

All in all an entertaining book. Had to pay very close attention to characters as there are many and they are called by different names; as well as the science as it’s deep and heavy. Not too mention the military references. The archeological references are easier to follow as are the political ones. The book, for me personally, is overloaded which took away from the storyline and that is a shame because that’s what made it entertaining.

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Interesting story line but why do some authors feel it necessary to use such foul language throughout? F@#* is used in nearly every sentence of dialog. It's distracting. I wouldn't chose friends who spoke like that and generally avoid books that talk like that.

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