Alpha Wave

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
19 hours 30 minutes
Created to defeat the invaders. Forgotten in victory. They will rise again …

We were outnumbered, outfought. Mankind was about to fall to the alien Flock. Our only chance was a desperate gamble, transforming Tier One SpecOps agents into deadly super soldiers.

In the end, we won the war, but we lost the peace. The Flock surrendered and spent the next two hundred years making reparations, indentured to humanity, doing everything humans did not want to do. And the evolved super soldiers were consigned to an endless sleep. Ready if ever needed, but in time they became myths. Abandoned and forgotten.

And then, when we were content in our dominance, the Flock revolted against all of humanity across the whole of the galaxy. We fell in a single day.

Which is when the dreams began. People across the settled worlds began dreaming of the Sleepers. The evolved saviors. Acts of rebellion and terrorism swept the galaxy, and in response the Flock ground us under heel.

Lexi Chow, descendant of a hero of the Flock War, believes the Sleepers are real, and are humanity’s only chance against the alien conquerors. With a crew of misfits, criminals, and believers, she sets out to wake the Sleepers. Hoping they will once more save us.

If the betrayed Sleepers are willing. If the Sleepers are even human.

If the Sleepers are on our side at all …

Alpha Wave by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry and master storyteller Weston Ochse launches a new, sprawling military science fiction adventure that will span the whole of a galaxy at war!
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Woody B.

Ray porter is great and. The story moves along quickly with lots of action . It Never seemed like a long book !!!

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overall the story itself was alright, my only real nitpick with the book is it at times felt like the author was starting a new chapter for the sake of it. it got annoying to hear chapter x at 20 to 30 second intervals and sorta ruined the flow for me. by the end of the 19 hours the count was up to 200 chapters + the however many the epilogue had (I didn't actually finish the epilogue as i annoyed that in the span of a little over a minute it went through three separate chapters that were maybe a few sentences at most)aside from that my other nit pick would maybe the at times (somewhat) excessive swearing. you don't need to shoe horn variations of the f bomb into every other sentence. even if it's coming from super soilders

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