The American Mobsters: Bullets, Booze and Bandits

The American Mobsters: Bullets, Booze and Bandits

Written by:
Jimmy Gray
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 1996
3 hours 9 minutes
The Killer with the Baby Face: The Story of Bonnie & Clyde: Bullets, Booze & Bandits: The Chicago Gangland Story

The Roaring Twenties: a time of bootleg gin and brick-wall massacres, Chicago in the grip of Capone, Americans fixated by Bonnie and Clyde. Welcome to Tales of Americana: American Mobsters, approximately 3 hours of riveting audio. Chronicling the lives and times of a cast of characters both courageous and cold-blooded, American Mobsters takes the listener on an evocative journey through the lawless days of Prohibition, an era of Tommy guns and terror, speakeasies and St. Valentine's Day.

Jimmy Gray serves as a senior staff writer and is the inspiration behind many audio books. Jimmy has written for various periodicals including, Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Additionally, he has been a contributing writer for USA Today newspaper. Jimmy is a living history book.

Scotty Brink's credits are numerous. You can't go anywhere to escape the sound of his voice. You'll hear him through radio and TV commercials, in-store advertisements, etc. This is Scotty's debut as a narrator. You'll enjoy his story-telling capabilities in 'Killer with the Baby-Face'.

Ron Jordan is the author and narrator of 'Lewis & Clark, The Great American Expedition'. Ron is an on-air personality on Nashville radio. He has narrated many audio books for Readio Theatre. His voice can be heard on radio and TV commercials all across the country.
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