Ancient History Vol. 1: An Enthralling Guide to Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Rome

Ancient History Vol. 1: An Enthralling Guide to Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Rome

Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
15 hours 42 minutes
Three manuscripts in one audiobook:

- Ancient Egypt: An Enthralling Overview of Egyptian History, Starting from the Settlement of the Nile Valley through the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms to the Death of Cleopatra VII
- Ancient Rome: An Enthralling Overview of Roman History, Starting From the Romulus and Remus Myth through the Republic to the Fall of the Roman Empire
- Ancient Mesopotamia: An Enthralling Overview of Mesopotamian History, Starting from Eridu through the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Persians to Alexander the Great

In the first part of this audiobook, you’ll discover:

- The mysterious identities of Narmer and Menes, the first pharaoh of Egypt
- How the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed with human hands
- The dangerous journey into the realm of the dead
- How Egypt’s religious beliefs played a role in its government
- The fall of Egypt after the death of Cleopatra VII

In the second part of this audiobook, you’ll discover:

- What happened when a goddess met a handsome shepherd on a lonely hilltop?
- Who escaped from burning Troy to later become a king in Italy?
- What ill-fated romance impelled Queen Dido of Carthage to commit suicide?
- How did a Vestal Virgin get pregnant?
- Why were the babies floating down the river in a basket – and what happened to them?

In the third part of this audiobook, you’ll discover:

- How old is the world’s first city?
- How did the Eridu Genesis compare to Noah and the ark?
- How fast was the world’s first postal system?
- How many times did Babylon’s patron god Marduk get stolen?
- Did Xerxes really have a million men in his army?

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