And Then You Were Gone: A Novel

Written by:
R. J. Jacobs
Narrated by:
Amy Mcfadden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
10 hours 7 minutes
For fans of B. A. Paris and Mary Kubica comes a propulsive, twisting psychological thriller that asks, How can you save someone else if you can’t save yourself?

After years of learning how to manage her bipolar disorder, Emily Firestone finally has it under control. Even better, her life is coming together: she’s got a great job, her own place, and a boyfriend, Paolo, who adores her. So when Paolo suggests a weekend sailing trip, Emily agrees—wine, water, and the man she loves? What could be better? But when Emily wakes the morning after they set sail, the boat is still adrift … and Paolo is gone.

A strong swimmer, there’s no way Paolo drowned, but Emily is at a loss for any other explanation. Where else could he have gone? And why? As the hours and days pass by, each moment marking Paolo’s disappearance, Emily’s hard-won stability begins to slip.

But when Emily uncovers evidence suggesting Paolo was murdered, the investigation throws her mania into overdrive, even as she becomes a person of interest in her own personal tragedy. To clear her name, Emily must find the truth—but can she hold onto her own sanity in the process?
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Sofia R

the narrator was good however the book was so boring. even for a vip reward selection it was difficult to get through. no plot, story line was not interesting at all. I was disappointed.

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Leann D.

might be a good book but the voice of the person reading it is the worst.

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The book was ok but nothing outstanding

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Slow and boring the narrator talked like a teenager

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The story was ok. I think if it wasn’t my first audio I would have given up on it but in the end it was ok. I thought the narration was awful. Making a note not to get any books narrated by this person.

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Roxann W.

This narrator was pretty good. At first a little hard to follow but the book got on track and was able to deliver a good story.

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Narrator was awful!

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EmilyElisabeth W.

A little bit slow and I didn't love the narrator but worth listening to.

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DNF. The storyline was not engaging at all and the narrator was AWFUL. She adds inflection at the end of every sentence as if she’s asking a question and it drove me so crazy, I had to stop listening. I maaay have hung in there if I just read the book myself, but currently I’m not very interested in giving it another try.

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Valerie B.

I didn't find the storyline too interesting and seem to go on forever. Tha narrator was fine.

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Mary B.

Emily was so annoying. Someone with as much education and as much experience working with mental health would not make some of the decisions she made. The ending was better than expected. Almost didn't finish it. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read it instead of listening to it.

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Talita A.

Awesome, thrilling and so well narrated. Totally recommended. Very good plot, amazing characters.

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William Troyk

Never expected the ending

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Kim Ellis

Typical Nicholas Sparks novel with its incredible predictability... I hoped for a different twist, but in that, I was disappointed. Sweet story that could be a lifetime movie.

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