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Arcane Kingdom Online: The Chosen

Written by:
Jakob Tanner
Narrated by:
Ryan Burke

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
6 hours 8 minutes
Log-in or die.

Those are the only choices left for Clay Hopewell. Infected with the ZERO virus, he has less than twenty-four hours before he bites the dust. With no cure available, there's only one option left: digitally reincarnate himself in the most advanced virtual reality game ever, the mysterious and newly released Arcane Kingdom Online.

But cheating death and gaining immortality isn't that easy. If Clay survives the risky cognitive upload process, he'll still have to contend with a fantasy world teetering on the brink of crisis. Worse, a quarter of the in-game population hates his starting race, he can't unlock the mage class he wants, and a malevolent glitch threatens to upend the very existence of his new reality.

If Clay doesn't learn the rules of his new surroundings quickly, his second chance at life will be a lot worse than his first.
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Willem D.

Fun little Title. it listens like playing an Mmo. if you havent ever played an rpg or mmo. and have no intresst in them this book isnt for you. For me as an Mmo veteran of multible games it was reconiseble and fun to listen to. hope they add all the books.

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