Art and Music: Biographies of Genius Musicians and Scientists from History

Art and Music: Biographies of Genius Musicians and Scientists from History

Written by:
Kelly Mass
Narrated by:
Chris Newman
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Release Date
August 2023
6 hours 5 minutes
This combination of books contains information about the following people:

George Stephenson - George Stephenson was a British civil and mechanical engineer who lived from June the 9th 1781 to August the 12th 1848. Stephenson, called the 'Dad of Railways,' was regarded by Victorians as a great example of exertion and a desire to enhance. Samuel Smiles, a self-help supporter, applauded his achievements in particular.

Ludwig von Beethoven - Most people have heard of Ludwig von Beethoven, one of the most famous composers of all time. His music had a certain aggression, passion, and beauty to it that still brings admirers to tears, more than 200 years later. His symphonies came from his creativity, the circumstances, and the trends in that time period in Germany and Austria.

Mozart - Many people have had the pleasure to listen to Mozart’s music. His legacy has lived on for more than two centuries. And although he only lived to be 35 years old, he has had a major impact on the classical music genre. From simple rebel to sheer genius, this intelligent composer has shown the world that despite all the odds, masterpieces and pure art can become a reality.

Michael Faraday - Michael Faraday was born in Newington Butts, Surrey, on September twenty-second, 1791. (which is now part of the London District of Southwark). He originated from a bad home. His dad, James, was a Christian who came from the Glasite sect. At the time of the winter season of 1790, James Faraday moved his marriage partner and 2 kids from Outhgill, Westmorland, where he had been an apprentice to the town blacksmith. 

William Shakespeare - William Shakespeare is the celebrated script writer of the most popular plays in the English language. By writing both tragedies, romances, and comedies in the 16th century, he made a name for himself and became successful in the art of drama.
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