The Art of Divine Contentment

Written by:
Thomas Watson
Narrated by:
Saethon Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
4 hours 39 minutes
The contented heart is never out of heart. Contentment is a golden shield that beats back discouragement. True contentment will trust God even when it cannot see Him. Why are you discontented? Is it because you are temporarily dispossessed of comforts? You who are discontented because you do not have all you would like to have, let me tell you, either your faith is a nonentity, or, at best, it is just an embryo. It is a weak faith that must have stilts and crutches to support it.
Discontent is not only below faith, but it is also below reason. Discontent is unworthy of the relationship we have with God. Christians are invested with the title and privilege of sonship; we are heirs of the promise. God will be sure to reward the contented Christian.
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