Bad Husband

Written by:
Shey Stahl
Narrated by:
Sean Crisden
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Release Date
May 2017
7 hours 22 minutes
For most of my life I've been focused on one goal. Making a name for myself and building a business from the ground up. I'm a hard-working man, confident in my trade and quite frankly pretty awesome if you ask me. Sure, I make mistakes, you'll see, but I think my dedication helps me out here. It's the devoted work ethic that has me following through with anything thrown my way.

That being said, my wife of the last eight years served me with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Believe me, I'm shocked too.

She's under the impression I don't care. Ridiculous assumption.

I know what you're thinking, what the hell did I do? Let's not judge me yet until you know the whole story. The way I see it, in the state of Arizona, I have approximately sixty days to make her fall back in love with me.

Easy enough, right?

You've clearly never met Madison.

Contains mature themes.
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Sam Anderson

definitely a funny book, kept me laughing throughout and gave menreal insight to how my marriage probably looks lol I loved the narrator, perfect timing and pace of book really reccomend this one

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Heartwarming..... perfect narrator pick, he did an awesome job!

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Violet T

The book is writing in actual real life settings. Quick read with, tears and laughter.

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This could really happen in real life but annoying wives like this character should pick up hobbies to keep themselves busy and stop complaining! DNF!

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A frustrating listen. For most of the book, the main character's chauvinistic attitudes, anger, and refusal to listen make it easy to understand why his wife wants a divorce. The frank and honest conversation which was needed doesn't happen until practically the end. And even after that, the character barely changes his approach.

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Funny book love the narrator

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Gege M.

This is a great book! It is funny and romantic. I love the way it is told like we are watching a movie. The narrator is excellent. Very recommended.

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Racquelle M

Hilarious story and I thoroughly enjoyed it... though in absolutely no small part to the assume skills of the narrator. I loved it

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Marge H.

I enjoyed hearing a man's perspective. The narrator was perfect for this light rom-com.

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Kathryn P.

Really good story and a lot of people will relate !!

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delmi roy

I really enjoyed this book. I definitely laughed alot.

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Just ok.

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Daphne W.

Great read very emotional and witty. Excellent narration.

Bad Husband
This title is due for release on May 30, 2017.

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Bad Husband
This title is due for release on May 30, 2017
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Bad Husband
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Bad Husband

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