Written by:
Dale Mayer
Narrated by:
Tristan Wright
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
6 hours 16 minutes
A teammate goes missing right as Barret arrives at the camp of horrors. Immediately he heads out to help in the search for the missing man – to no avail. And once again the numbers go down by one. No explanation, no body… nothing. Are drugs involved? Blackmail? Or stupid bets? There’s too many options and none of them make any sense.

At least Avalon is there, a woman who caught his interest on the first day. Although she’s just as confused and worried about what’s going on in the arctic camp, she’s level headed and with a great sense of humor.

Subbed in for someone who couldn’t make it, Avalon ends up helping out in the kitchen. At least there she’s warm and can keep busy. Until someone falls ill from suspected food poisoning and all eyes turn on her. She knows she hasn’t done anything wrong, but tempers are short and she’s an easy scape goat.

It’s going to take both of them to keep her safe and get her out from under the cloud of suspicion. Thankfully Barret has no problem helping a damsel in distress…
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