Be Relaxed & Stress-Free

Written by:
Dick Sutphen
Narrated by:
Dick Sutphen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
0 hours 59 minutes
This Life-Changing Classic Will Revolutionize How You See Yourself-Now in a Special Compact Edition

For more than a century, James Allen's beloved meditation on the power of thought, As a Man Thinketh, has reshaped countless lives. The book's message seems to reach people at just the right moment, transforming failure and indirection into power and purpose.

Now, PEN Award-winning historian and New Thought writer Mitch Horowitz reintroduces this invaluable work in a carefully abridged version, allowing you to absorb its lessons of self-empowerment and mastery in a single session.

Your discovery-or rediscovery-of As a Man Thinketh may mark a true turning point in your life, as it has for generations of seekers. Start now.
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