Bear Attraction

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2015
5 hours 9 minutes
Rebecca, caught by Shifter Bureau in a forbidden area, is charged to help Walker Danielson, on military attachment to the Bureau, to find a woman suspected of being abducted by Shifters. Rebecca has no choice but to agree.

Walker and Rebecca met when Walker was abducted and ended up tied up on Rebecca's floor. Now the tables are turned, and Rebecca has to go along with whatever Walker proposes. As they find themselves in danger with wilder Shifters not under the Austin Shiftertown's control, Rebecca discovers what kind of strengths Walker has. The mating frenzy Walker touched when he had been Rebecca's captive now flares to life as the two fight to find the missing woman and survive the mission.

Contains mature themes.
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Shelley C.

Really enjoyed finally getting to see Rebecca and Walker get their story. These two have been dancing around one another for too long. Rebecca likes to keep men on their toes and tongue-tied. Walker doesn't play games though, and it was fun to see her flounder just a bit. The evolution of this series always leaves me satisfied but eagerly waiting for the next book. Highly recommended author and series

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