Behind the Laughter: A Comedian’s Tale of Tragedy and Hope

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
7 hours 29 minutes
How do you keep going when your world is falling apart? Discover the powerful story of stand-up comic Anthony Griffith and how to navigate grief through persistence, faith, humor and love. 

Just as Anthony’s career in stand-up comedy launched him onto the stage of The Tonight Show, he and his wife Brigitte faced an unimaginable personal nightmare: their two-year-old daughter, Brittany Nicole, was dying from cancer. While Anthony performed under bright lights, he struggled not to succumb to the darkness of losing a child.

In this stirring memoir, Anthony Griffith and his wife of more than thirty years, Brigitte Travis-Griffin, share the powerful story of living between life’s funniest moments and its most heartbreaking tragedies.

With humor and deep insights into the human spirit, Behind the Laughter explores Anthony’s life and career as well as the bonds between parent and child and husband and wife. The surprising twists along Anthony’s path highlights experiencing God’s sustaining presence in the darkest moments as well as the sweetest dreams.

Behind the Laughter explores:

- Powerful, relatable emotions and lessons that are universal and inspiring
- New perspectives on difficult topics that everyone can relate to
- The power of finding humor in spite of adversity

Find true inspiration along with laugh-out-loud humor in this remarkable story of resilience and grace in the face of loss.
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