Behind the Wheel - German 2

Written by:
Mark A. Frobose
Narrated by:
Mark A. Frobose

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
7 hours 51 minutes
Now that you know the basics of German, put your knowledge into practice with the unique stories and dialogue lessons offered in German Level 2. Read a story about a couple in a restaurant and then practice ordering yourself a Berliner. Or read a dialogue set in a bank and then form your own questions, like asking what einhundert Euros would be in American dollars. Behind the Wheel German Level 2 first reviews vocabulary and basic concepts from German Level 1 and then expands on these areas, focusing on medium length sentence combinations, versatile vocabulary, and extensive sentence building instruction to improve conversational skill and listening comprehension. German Level 2 features both English and native German speaking instructors.

This program includes a companion book and audio transcript to enhance the learning experience.
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