Release Date
June 2020
4 hours 58 minutes
On the West Texas border a behemoth is bellowing smoke, fire and death. This monster is the infamous Abaddon Cannon Foundry, whose weapons of war have spread death and destruction around the world—and made a few men in Big Buck, Texas, incredibly rich.

Now, a Mexican-born teenager has disappeared into this fortress factory, where men work and sweat as slaves. This boy's sister wants to learn her brother's fate, and she just happens to know a man named Shawn O'Brien, the town tamer.

Shawn rides to Texas to find the missing boy. What he discovers in Big Buck will spark a ferocious, bloody battle with the greatest evil the West ever known: a master of war with dreams of world domination, and who wants to wipe the town of Big Buck off the map —until Shawn O'Brien raises his six gun.
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