Between Periods: A Swift Hat-Trick Novella

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
3 hours 3 minutes
Five friends, one tropical vacation.

It's been a year since Oakley was drafted into the professional hockey league. Life has gotten a lot more complicated, not only for him and Ava, but also for his younger sister, Gracie, and their two closest friends.

Tyler is about to make his professional hockey debut and is still in Gracie's sights. But things are different now that she's older, and it's becoming harder for him to convince himself that she's just his best friend's little sister.

Adam is closing in on his university graduation, and more than ready to completely let loose on this much needed trip. But what happens when he lets himself get too loose, and finds himself in a situation that he might not be able to sweet talk himself out of?

Follow the Swift Hat-Trick group as they invoke on a paradise vacation away from the pressures of the real world and grow impossibly closer along the way.
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