Big Dogs

Written by:
S.L. Ditmars
Narrated by:
Byron Wagner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 39 minutes
Criminals are on the loose, and Lieutenant JW North will do everything in his power to hunt them down.

Join the Lieutenant and his K9 partners, specially trained human scent–detecting and man-trailing German Shepherds, as they chase serial killers and hunt down the brutal rapist and man who shot North a year earlier.

Standing quietly at the elevator door to the North Tower of the Ultimo Hotel in Las Vegas, JW watches the numbers go down as the elevator descends to him. He thinks—sixty-five floors? There is a serial killer up there!

If the mission is a success, it means a second career chasing serial criminals with a special FBI task force. If not, the Lieutenant will be going home defeated and outsmarted by a warped criminal mind. JW needs this to work; he needs another chance at the man who shot him. The elevator doors open, and the team steps aboard … Is his team ready to face the cruelest criminals? Is he?
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