Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me

Written by:
Whoopi Goldberg
Narrated by:
Whoopi Goldberg

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
6 hours 43 minutes
An instant New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

From multi-award winner Whoopi Goldberg comes a new and unique memoir of her family and their influence on her early life.

If it weren’t for Emma Johnson, Caryn Johnson would have never become Whoopi Goldberg. Emma gave her children the loving care and wisdom they needed to succeed in life, always encouraging them to be true to themselves. When Whoopi lost her mother in 2010—and then her older brother, Clyde, five years later—she felt deeply alone; the only people who truly knew her were gone.

Emma raised her children not just to survive, but to thrive. In this intimate and heartfelt memoir, Whoopi shares many of the deeply personal stories of their lives together for the first time. Growing up in the projects in New York City, there were trips to Coney Island, the Ice Capades, and museums, and every Christmas was a magical experience. To this day, she doesn’t know how her mother was able to give them such an enriching childhood, despite the struggles they faced—and it wasn’t until she was well into adulthood that Whoopi learned just how traumatic some of those struggles were.

Fans of personal memoirs such as Finding Me by Viola Davis and In Pieces by Sally Field will be touched by Bits and Pieces: a moving tribute from a daughter to her mother, and a beautiful portrait of three people who loved each other deeply. Whoopi writes, “Not everybody gets to walk this earth with folks who let you be exactly who you are and who give you the confidence to become exactly who you want to be. So, I thought I’d share mine with you.”
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Adrienne R.

Wonderful book. I laughed, I cried, I learned a lot about Whoopi Goldberg and for how I want to live my life.

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Love hearing Whoopi’s life experiences narrated by her….an added plus.

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sheresa riley

Love this book. Whoopi narrating makes it even better. Very descriptive, makes you feel as if you were right there when the memory occurred. Great book!

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Yandisa M.

It was work the listen. It took me on a journey and taught me valuable lessons about perspective and memory. I loved everything about it and made me view my lived ones differently and I realized I am not making enough efforts in impacting their lives positively while they are alive.

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Greg H.

This book makes you laugh and cry. wonderful book and I loved listening and learning.

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I LOVED this book. Whoopi is an amazing woman. The way she narrates this book is amazing. Fun to have her laugh in my ear, telling all her stories about her mother and brother, about the ups and downs borg before and after fame, like we are the best of friends. I feel privileged!

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Janice P.

Whoopi, Whoopi, you have always made me laugh Thank you nothing has changed. LOVED the book like Sunshine and Rain, AWESOME!!! Pink

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Wonderful audiobook! Having Whoopi narrate was the best.

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