Blessing in Disguise

Written by:
Danielle Steel
Narrated by:
Dan John Miller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
7 hours 48 minutes
In Danielle Steel's remarkable new novel, one of her most memorable characters comes to terms with unfinished business and long-buried truths as the mother of three very different daughters with three singular fathers. As a young intern at an art gallery in Paris, Isabelle McAvoy meets Putnam Armstrong, wealthy, gentle, older, and secluded from the world. Isabelle's relationship with Putnam, and her time at his chAteau on the Normandy coast, are the stuff of dreams. But it turns real when she becomes pregnant, for she knows that marriage is out of the question. When Isabelle returns to New York, she enters a new relationship that she hopes will be more stable and traditional. But she soon realizes she has made a terrible mistake and again finds herself a single mother. With two young daughters and no husband, Isabelle finally and unexpectedly finds happiness and a love that gives her a third child, a baby as happy as her beloved father. And yet, once again, life brings dramatic changes. The three girls grow up to be very different women, and Isabelle's relationship with each of them is unique. While raising her girls alone, Isabelle also begins building a career as a successful art consultant. Then one final turn of fate brings a past secret to light, bonds mother and daughters closer, and turns a challenge into a blessing.
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Shelley K.

Absolutely loved this book! Highly recommend great story! Great narrative as well!

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Alexis Folen

Great book about family and love, and as always, the message that it's never too late for the life you want. I love Danielle Steele!

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Alan R.

Very enjoyable story.

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Her basic good but sometimes repetitive I liked it and like someone else said it was shorter then most

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Janet Walker

Typical Steele nook

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Kim M.

Great read! It kept me engaged.

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excellent. it was a very heartwarming story.

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Lindy D.

Didn't really care for a male narrator.

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It’s not a complex storyline and is very predictable but sometimes you need an easy listen. Kept my attention the whole book. Best narration I’ve heard so far.

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Nicole R.

Captured my attention right away. Just wish it had lasted longer!

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Evelyn B.

Danielle Steel never disappoints. Great story.

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A very enjoyable story.

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