Blueberry Truffle Murder

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
2 hours 54 minutes
It's a murder case that cuts just a little too close to home for Nikki, an amateur sleuth, in the latest crime to hit her not-so-quiet cozy town!

Nikki Bates’s time in picturesque Maple Hills, Vermont has been far from the postcard scene she first imagined. While her chocolate shop is doing well, her personal life has hit a few snags… and bodies… along the way. Between exposing corrupt officials, unmasking the Mafia and solving more than a few murders, Nikki has made some friends and earned many enemies.

Now, an old vendetta from her days in Atlanta has reared its head and followed her north, finding her nestled amongst the trees and chocolate, surrounded by gossip, intrigue and people that want Nikki out of town. When a woman with close ties to her newest ward is found murdered, Nikki must race to connect the clues, solve the case and salvage her reputation.

Yet the wheels of vengeance are turning and this is one time Nikki may lose everything, including her life…
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