The Book Woman's Daughter: A Novel

Narrated by:
Katie Schorr
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
10 hours 29 minutes
Revisit the packhorse librarians of Kentucky with this stunning companion to the New York Times bestseller The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.

In the ruggedness of the beautiful Kentucky mountains, Honey Lovett has always known that the old ways can make a hard life harder. As the daughter of the famed blue-skinned, Troublesome Creek packhorse librarian, Honey and her family have been hiding from the law all her life. But when her mother and father are imprisoned, Honey realizes she must fight to stay free, or risk being sent away for good.

Picking up her mother’s old packhorse library route, Honey begins to deliver books to the remote hollers of Appalachia. Honey is looking to prove that she doesn’t need anyone telling her how to survive. But the route can be treacherous, and some folks aren’t as keen to let a woman pave her own way.

If Honey wants to bring the freedom that books provide to the families who need it most, she’s going to have to fight for her place, and along the way, learn that the extraordinary women who run the hills and hollers can make all the difference in the world.
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Ellen W.

This is an amazing novel!! I didn't know about the blue skin of Kentucky ! also the book delivers. so as amazing as this book was I learned about American history . also the prejudice that still exists today rather than understanding people who are different.I one hundred percent recommend this book and continue reading and understanding all people!! one more thing the narrator is amazing I love the dialect!!!

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Valerie P.

An excellent sequel to her first book about the packhorse library founded by FDR. Well written and well read!

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What a great continuation of the story. Narration was excellent. What a captivating story of a different time and a different culture.

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Susan R.

Good easy laid back book. It’s nice to know that there are people fighting this struggle every day and how it use to be

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Suzanne M.

What a wonderful book. I will look up her others immediately I see one on our audio books app already set in the Kentucky Appalachian Mountains. I learned so much of the hardship, perseverance knowledge, love and beauty of this area. This is a must read or listen. This also also increased my vocabulary on old words, phrases I learned a bit about different foods an old-time recipes. Do not miss this book. It will make you appreciate how much we take for granted nowadays in a gentle way.

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Marvin W.

Just a really fun listen that held my interest throughout!

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Sabra G.

A good read. The storyline held my attention and the ending satisfied.

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Loved the story and all the characters. The narrator brought the voices to life.

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Michael P.

The Book Woman's daughter is beautifully written and narrated. How I loved the Eastern Kentucky dialect. This is an audio-book I will remember for the remainder of my life.

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Vicki K.

What a beautifully written book! I loved both The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek and Book Woman’s Daughter. I recommend you read the first one before the “sequel” even though this can be a stand-alone. The characters are rich and courageous in light of the heartbreaking bias they face from some of the people in their community. But there’s a lot of heart, as well, I highly recommend; I couldn’t put it down.

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Patricia S.

A great read! So interesting and informative about Kentucky rural life. Narrator the very best!

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great sequel to "The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek". Glad to return to the family.

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Latoya L.

Honey Lovett, the (packhorse librarian) book woman's daughter, is dealt a new hand once her parents got into some trouble. Her family had always been on the run from their troubled life, and it finally caught up to them. To avoid being sent away or sent to child work because of her parents, Honey ran away to make a different life. She takes us along her journey to fight for her emancipation, all while spreading her joy for books. Honey takes books alongside her route, just like her mother once did. The story is based in the Kentucky mountains, with the blue skinned people. Honey received help along the way, even helped others in need. She had to prove to the courts/law that she could take care of herself without being married off. This was a great read. I found out there was part of a series. However, it's a good stand-alone book. Maybe I'll go read the first one so I can see what Honey went through before her life took a new turn. #Book10of020 #BookWorm #Whatsnext

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Kiran I.


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One of the best novels ever! Loved it.

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great read...kept reader interested in multiple story lines

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