Bourbon Nights

Written by:
Shari J. Ryan
Narrated by:
Wayne Mitchell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
6 hours 58 minutes
One kiss . . . and her lips forever lingered on mine as if tattooed there.

Melody Quinn, all through high school I loved her from afar. Of course, in a cruel twist of fate, she waited until right before I left for boot camp to confess she felt the same. In that tender moment, we shared a kiss that branded her name onto my heart. Despite intense training, deployments, and life-altering tragedies, never once did she leave my thoughts.

Now, years later, fate has led me home. I can't help but wonder . . . is a second chance possible? Reconnecting won't be easy. My life has changed in ways she may never accept. But the spark that has always been between us explodes into an electrifying jolt every time she looks my way. The timing is horrible, but I have to risk it. She needs to know no matter how stormy these Bourbon Nights get, I'll never walk away from her again.

Contains mature themes.
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